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Paediatric Services

About Our Services

With many years of experience we provide quality, efficient, and personalised services to prevent children from going into hospital unnecessarily.

Our paediatric services incorporate a holistic approach to help children reach their individual goals. Through education we also help improve the health and wellbeing of children in the community with personalised programs for schools, families, carers and anyone else wanting to learn how to best meet the medical needs of the children they support.

about paediatric service

Our Services

Comprehensive Nursing Assessment

Comprehensive Nursing Assessment

Our clinical nurse consultants offer assessments to optimise care and comfort including accompanying reports and quotes.

Continence Assessments

Personalised assessments, reports, accompanying quotes and recommendations.

Continence Assessments
Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops​

Informative sessions for early learning centers, schools, and support workers.

Stomal Therapy​

Expert support from registered Stomal Therapists for children with bladder or bowel stomas.

Peristomal skin management, appliance, and consumable advice as well as funding support including Stoma Appliance Scheme, CAPS, inclusion support and NDIS.

Stomal Therapy
Urology Services

Urology Services​

Personalised assessments and recommendations for complex urological needs. Clinical support including catheter changes and other procedures.

Specialist Wound Care​

Personalised assessments and recommendations for wound and pressure injury care.

Clinical support including wound care, dressing changes and negative pressure wound therapy.

Specialist Wound Care
Tube Feeding Assessments & Support

Tube Feeding Assessments & Support​

Personalised assessments and recommendations for tube feeding. 

Clinical support including tube changes, stoma measuring, skin management, and education for educators and carers.